Canon EOS 1000D ???

  • Hey folks. Yesterday I gor the amazing salary.... WIIII.. So, for a while now, I've been thinking about, getting this camera. But I don't know how good it is, and things like that. So, maybe you people can help me a little. What do you think? Does it cost to much money? (3000,- DKK)

          - LO

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  1. Hi,

    This is the first time I visit your blog and as a camera addict I have to leave a comment... ^^'

    Canon is very easy as first digital SRL camera. But I recommend to practise with normal digicamera to use manual settings before. It's silly to buy good camera without knowing how to use it...

    Canon EOS 1000D is very good camera that I higly recommend. :)

    - susi

  2. Thank you so much. (;
    have a good day

    - LO

  3. har hørt det er et rigtig godt kamera :)
    rigtig fin blo, er nu blevet fast læser. Kig forbi vores, hvis du har lyst

  4. good morning! i'm now a blogger follower and a bloglovin' follower. cheers!

  5. I am shopping around for a new camera too, but will probably wait until I visit home (Canada) since it will definitely be cheaper than here in Dk!! The Canon EOS 500D was recommended to me, over the 1000D...you can check out an article here where you can read the reviews about (and differences between) the different Canon Rebels, that I found really helpful. Good luck! :)


  6. hvis du køber det, vil jeg mægtig gerne vide hvordan det er. :) jeg overvejer selv at købe et snart!

    fed blog, kig gerne min, hvis du får lyst.