Todays song..

  • I loove Bulletproof.


New Things...

  • What I love about these things is all the studs. I love studs... They are raw, and like perverted (in a good way of couse) and thay are fashion. I dont have much money, so I sont buy a lot of cloth and textile, but even though I dont spend my money on every thing, I have a lot of it... A lot a lot. (;

- LO


Canon EOS 1000D ???

  • Hey folks. Yesterday I gor the amazing salary.... WIIII.. So, for a while now, I've been thinking about, getting this camera. But I don't know how good it is, and things like that. So, maybe you people can help me a little. What do you think? Does it cost to much money? (3000,- DKK)

          - LO


Hot !?!

  • I think these pics are a little over the top, but in a good way... Of couse... I got the pics from this amazing and totally awesome blog: thefashionwh0re, so, please, visit her blog. its awesome! (;             - LO      

Kell on earth...

  • Syntes simpelthen at de her billeder, var så kanon fede, at jeg bare måtte vise jer dem. De har denne her helt fantastisk farve, som bare lyser det hele op. og By The Way, kanont flot taget !!!

Anja Rubik - - -

  • Elsker den måde ud bliver fotograferet på, den der uskyldige måde, men også over i det rå, selvom det hele er lyse farver.


  • Über fede billeder..... Det må I give mig ret i!!!